Pause. Reflect. Connect.

A safe space to experience empathy and self-awareness through a time of quiet, in order to be spiritually refreshed in mind, body, and soul.

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Jai Mahtani was endorsed by InFaith for the Healthcare chaplaincy in July 2016 and works as a full-time Hospice Chaplain at Spectrum Health Hospice & Palliative Care in Grand Rapids, MI. On August 2, 2020, he had the opportunity to renew his ordination through an InFaith church, Day Bible Chapel in Saranac, MI after his initial ordination in 1986 by the Evangelical Reformed Church. Jai’s ordination at Day Bible Chapel was attended by InFaith’s Northeast field director, InFaith pastoral missionaries along with the DBC Council, congregational members and his wife, Esther.

Jai and Esther were born and raised on the island of Singapore, where they grew up as Hindu and Buddhist until their conversion to Christ in their teenage years. Jai completed his M.Div. at the Protestant Reformed Seminary in Grandville, Michigan, and his D. Min. at the Houston Graduate School of Theology. From 1986-2010, he served in four pastorates, both in Singapore and in the United States. In 2009, Jai and Esther founded the ministry, Selah Trails. After working in the insurance industry from 2010-2016, Jai felt the Lord’s call upon his life to return to full-time ministry, as a chaplain. While completing his CPE training, he served at Spectrum Butterworth Hospital and Pine-Rest Christian Mental Health Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Jai writes, “The very same moment I put my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ I knew God was calling me to serve Him in reaching the nations with the Gospel of Grace. The first congregation I served was made up mostly of young Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu converts, who are now Christian parents and grandparents raising their own children and grandchildren in the faith.” Jai stated at his re-confirmation in ministry: “My first love has always been preaching the Gospel.”

Jai and Esther have eight grown children, with six now married. They have sixteen grandchildren with Chinese, Indian, Dutch, South African and other Caucasian heritages. Jai and Esther say: “God is reaching the nations in our own family, and we feel very, very blessed.”


Selah Trails offers the following services:

Support Groups

  • Mental Health
  • Pause, Reflect, Connect


  • Embracing A Bipolar World with Grace

    Hospitality Services

  • AirBnB Suite & Sanctuary
  • Special Events Venue
  • Walking/Hiking Trails
  • Grace Meal Deliveries

    Chaplain Services

  • Spiritual Support
  • Attentive Listening
  • Resources and Materials
  • Prayer and Encouragement
  • During your visit to Selah Trails, you will find a place to…


    quietly, calmly, and safely, taking time to be alone.


    through God-walks, prayer, and meditation.


    with God, self, and other available support.

    Originally known as “Haven for Rest and Reflection”, Selah Trails began in 2009 to provide a sanctuary for those who have become emotionally and mentally exhausted due to illness, abuse, loss, or other painful providences of life. Selah Trails has walking and hiking paths in a wooded property located in Grandville, Michigan. We provide private consults as well as wellness and spiritual reflection groups.


    “Selah” in the original Hebrew means “to pause and reflect”. It is most often used in the Psalms found in the Bible to indicate a break in the thought being presented.


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    Please call or email Chaplain Jai Mahtani today for more information.